how tall is Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Height

5′ 11″ (180 cm)

Lil Yachty, whose real name is Miles Parks McCollum, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born on August 23, 1997, in Mableton, Georgia, USA.

Biography of Lil Yachty:

Lil Yachty’s parents divorced when he was young, and he was raised primarily by his mother.

Lil Yachty first gained attention in 2015 with his SoundCloud uploads, which quickly went viral. His breakout hit, “One Night,” was released in 2016 and became a platinum-selling single. His debut mixtape, “Lil Boat,” was also released in 2016 and featured guest appearances from Quavo, Young Thug, and other popular rappers.

In 2017, Lil Yachty released his debut studio album, “Teenage Emotions,” which featured collaborations with Diplo, YG, and other artists. The album received mixed reviews from critics but debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 chart.

In the years since, Lil Yachty has continued to release music and collaborate with other artists. He has also become known for his unique fashion sense and colorful personality, and has been featured in advertising campaigns for major brands like Sprite and Target.

Some of Lil Yachty’s most popular songs include “Minnesota,” “Broccoli” (with D.R.A.M.), “Peek A Boo” (with Migos), and “iSpy” (with Kyle). He has also been featured on songs by other artists, including Chance the Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, and Cardi B.

Overall, Lil Yachty is known for his distinctive sound, which blends elements of trap, bubblegum pop, and other genres. He has been praised for his ability to create catchy hooks and melodies, and has been credited with helping to shape the sound of modern hip-hop.

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