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Jun 29, 2022
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Evertale is the best mobile game for admiring paintings. Evertale is a game with a touch of magic, one that transports you into a fairy tale where creativity breeds and nothing is impossible.

Evertale is a pioneer storytelling RPG that depicts the lives of nine heroes and their partners. Join these young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way, as you begin on a hazardous quest to reveal the mystery of ending this ancient curse and defending their homeland once and for all.


  1. Exciting war –Evertale is a new app released to the market in 2018 and it promises gamers an on-demand experience that is personalized, real, and immersive. It tells a tale of two worlds where the two get intertwined in a war against the enemies.
  2. 14 different languages are supported. You don’t need jailbreak or game editor tools.
  3. Interesting characters – Characters do not have a personal dungeon or tower to defend but roam land and cities to prevent quests.
  4. Influential heroes – Players are introduced to 9 different heroes with their partners.
  5. Powerful weapons –  Evertale offers more than 80 heroic weapons for players to equip their favorite characters.
  6. A custom game – evertale mod apk is a customizable game and from the choices you make, it’s based on your life.
  7. Thrilling Mystery – You get to decide when someone knows what you’re seeing because even inside a storybook cover there are more secrets than to be shared.
  8. Make new friends – You can chat with friends from around the world to hang out and discuss new strategies in evertale mod apk 2022.


  • Evertale mod apk latest version is an interactive novel game based on what you choose to do as you explore the magical world.
  • Experience the thrill-to-heart action and adventure in an epic tale of wizards and warriors of all ages.
  • Catch, train, and evolve over 180 monsters and heroes across an amazing story-ridden adventure.
  • Meet and face friends and foes as you explore the 6 diverse regions of Erden, each with its unique monsters to collect.
  • Find out legendary weapons, accessories, and materials to boost your warriors and gain the upper hand on your opponents.
  • There are over 180 monsters and heroes may be caught, trained, and evolved over an incredible story-driven journey.


  • You can limited play for free but it’s a fully paid game
  • Sometimes it will lag in the game and there is a need to restart it.


Q: Is this a popular game?

evertale mod apk 2022 is anchored by interactive plots, 3D models, and high-quality graphics technology that allow infinite possibilities for players to play the way that pleases them most. The idea behind Evertale is to try and bring some of the joy traditional gaming brings to ardent lovers of the medium who may have since grown out of playing games because their relatives have no clue what Minecraft is or what PUBG is stands for.

Q: Can we play online only?

Yes, this is an online game. You can join evertale mod apk free shopping weekly online events that give you free special unlockables and exclusive characters to add to your collection, as well as a chance to win medals.

Q: Is there any mode to play with my friends?

Yes, you can build a strategy from hundreds of unique proficiency combinations to overpower your opponents in an engaging turn-based 4v4 battle.


evertale mod apk unlimited everything

The game app of the future is on its way to demand. This game was developed for people who love to play sneaky, strategic, and always unpredictable games. Get a band of controversial heroes and free the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium. Collect, train, and grow up over 180 creatures and fighters to fight alongside supercharged monster combats.


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