how tall is Christian Slater

Christian Slater Height

5′ 9″ (175 cm)

Christian Slater is an American actor known for his roles in movies and television shows. He was born on August 18, 1969, in New York City, USA.

Interesting Facts about Christian Slater:

  1. Christian Slater was born on August 18, 1969, in New York City, USA.
  2. His birth name is Christian Michael Leonard Slater.
  3. He made his film debut at the age of 8 in the movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice.”
  4. Slater’s breakthrough role was in the 1989 film “Heathers,” where he played a rebellious teenager named J.D.
  5. He has been nominated for numerous awards throughout his career, including a Golden Globe for his performance in the TV series “Mr. Robot.”
  6. Slater has also had success on Broadway, starring in productions such as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Glass Menagerie.”
  7. In 2000, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend at the time, and he later pleaded guilty to the charge of third-degree assault.
  8. Slater has been married twice and has three children.
  9. He is a big fan of comic books and has voiced several comic book characters in animated TV shows and movies, including Deadshot in “Batman: Assault on Arkham.”
  10. Slater is a keen motorcyclist and has participated in various motorcycle racing events.

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