how tall is Charli XCX

Charli XCX Height

5′ 3″ (160 cm)

Charli XCX, whose real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison, is a British singer and songwriter. She was born on August 2, 1992, in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Interesting Facts about Charli XCX:

  1. Charli XCX’s real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison. She was born on August 2, 1992, in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  2. She started writing songs at the age of 14 and released her first single “!Francheskaar!” at the age of 16.
  3. Charli XCX is known for her unique fashion sense, which often includes bright colors, bold prints, and statement accessories.
  4. Her breakthrough came in 2012 with the release of her single “Stay Away” and the Icona Pop hit “I Love It,” which she co-wrote.
  5. In 2014, Charli XCX released her second studio album “Sucker,” which includes the hit singles “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules.”
  6. Charli XCX has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Iggy Azalea, Troye Sivan, and Rita Ora.
  7. She has also written songs for other artists, including Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Blondie.
  8. In addition to her music career, Charli XCX has also made appearances in films such as “The Fault in Our Stars” and “How to Be Single.”
  9. Charli XCX has been very open about her struggles with mental health, and has spoken out about the importance of seeking help when dealing with these issues.
  10. She released her fifth studio album “Charli” in 2019, which features collaborations with artists such as Christine and the Queens, Haim, and Lizzo. The album was critically acclaimed and helped solidify Charli XCX’s status as a leading voice in pop music.

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