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If you want to play video games, you’ve probably learned of Assassin’s Creed. The original Assassin’s Creed game was launched in 2007, and the franchise has since released ten main titles and seventeen spin-off games.


However the majority of these games are developed for consoles and Desktops, Ubisoft nowadays is working on developing Assassin’s Creed mobile apps devices, similar to Mobilism Market APK, rapid growth in the community of smart device (Mobile) users throughout the world. After a lengthy queue, a mobile edition of the Assassin’s Creed game was officially released in 2016, and it’s called Assassin’s Creed Identity. Cos’s essentially a modified version of the traditional Assassin’s Creed videogames, you might experience some exceptionally high gameplay.


We’ll explain to you all you need to know about Assassin’s Creed Identity for Android in this review, along with links to download the APK. You must get this app from the Google Play Store to support the creators. Unless you want to sample the game before buying it, you may get Assassin’s Creed Identity APK from this page. This download will only function with Android android phones, so if you’re seeking Assassin’s Creed Identity for iOS, this isn’t the file for you. All you need to know about Assassin’s Creed Identity, including how to install it on your Android device, is provided here.


Features of the Assassin’s Creed Identity APK


Different Missions


The variety of missions is among the main reasons to get Assassin’s Creed Identity APK. In this gameplay, there are many sorts of missions that can be completed to acquire quests and access new areas. You will enjoy playing this game although each assignment is unique and requires various skills to finish. Unless you want to finish the game, don’t neglect to learn about many of the skills available.


Create Your Character


Another incentive to get Assassin’s Creed Identity APK free is that this game isn’t only about various missions, but also about avatar customization options. Once you’ve installed and launched the game, you’ll be asked to choose from Shadow Blade, Berserker, Trickster, and Robber as your character’s role. Once you’ve begun playing the game, you’ll be able to open numerous clothes and weapons for that character.


Graphics of Excellent Quality


Because this game was created using Unity Game Player, you may anticipate this page to have exceptionally high graphics. Besides that, it has a wide range of control options, with on keys, dual virtual stick controllers, and a gamepad. You might not have to bother about this game running on low-end mobile devices; however, unless you want, you can tweak the HD textures, models, and shaders in the game options to make it flow smoothly.


The Most Excellent RPG


Everybody enjoys role-playing games, and this one owns a previous record for being the finest of them all. This game was not given access for Android phones after its success on gaming platforms, however, you may get free Assassin’s Creed Identity APK + OBB out of this page. You would be able to do about the same things as you would in a console game, such as running, jumping, and climbing. So don’t stand it anymore and download Assassin’s Creed Identity APK File immediately to start playing.


Free and Safe


The fact that we are offering free apk files for Assassin’s Creed Identity on this site does not imply that it is harmful to use. We realized that many individuals would like to experience this game before purchasing it from the Google Store, so we planned to make it freely on this site. It makes no difference where you are from although you can download Assassin’s Creed Identity for Android in German, France, Italy, English, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Japan, and Korea.


How do you install Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod Apk on your phones?


Follow these mentioned points below to Assassin’s Creed Identity Apk Download


Step.1: So, you can get the latest version of the assassin creed identity apk obb hack (version) online from our website.


Step.2: Open the .apk file after downloading it from this website.


Step.3: When “unknown sources” requested pop-up, go to setting -> security -> unknown sources.


Step.4: Then simply enable “unknown sources.” in your phone.


Step.5: That ends the pop-up. Now select the “Install” button from the drop-down menu on your screen.


Step.6: Wait until the application is downloaded completely before starting.


Final: Your Assassin’s Creed Identity Mod Apk unlimited has now been installed on your mobile.




Is the identity in Assassin’s Creed based on the true story?


Yes, it is founded on a factual narrative from the Italian Renaissance about an ancient organization.


Would-be Assassin’s Creed Identity compatible with controllers?


MFI controller compatibility is available in Assassin’s Creed Identity. The IOS edition of Assassin’s Creed Identity supports controllers and is MFI compliant.


Could it be possible to get an Assassin’s Creed identity for Android?


Yes, without a doubt.


Last Remark


Well, that’s all there is to Assassin’s Creed Identity APK 2022, and we trust you were able to get it free from this site. We have supplied the pro version of Assassin’s Creed Identity on this site, so you don’t need to install the MOD APK. However, if you want to enjoy the game with infinite money or resources, you should grab Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD APK.


Several sites claim to have Assassin’s Creed Identity offline APK + OBB, but there isn’t anything like that, so be conscious. If you are having trouble installing Assassin’s Creed, then contact us.

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