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Do your friends or family members snoop into your phone without your consent?
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Feb 2, 2020
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As the name suggests, an anti theft application is a program that prevents a user’s smartphone from being stolen.

There are many cases of break-ins and thefts which have gone viral recently on the internet and also in newspapers. This can happen to anyone including you because randomness defines who is going to be the victim next. So as a safety measure it is appropriate to get an anti theft alarm apk if you are using an android smartphone. Most people download anti theft mod apk after they have been victimized first otherwise they would not realize the sense of ownership which comes with using them.


  1. Fully secured – Anti-theft features of mobile phones help keep the phone secure from being stolen.
  2. Disable Certain Features-This feature of the anti-theft apk pro disables some applications on the phone. This helps in situations where someone might see these applications while they are busy misusing your phone.
  3. Auto Lock-Some programs have the setting where it automatically locks an app after certain time intervals, preventing anyone within its reach to use it or access any of its content while not explicitly authorized by the owner of that app.
  4. Instantly Alert You with Locator App-This feature notifies you whenever someone enters into a dangerous situation by sending messages to your love once


  • If anywhere outside you may place your phone on top of your laptop and enable motion mode. If anybody tries to access your phone then immediately an alarm will boom and frighten them off.
  • An alarm will ring which will go on until the exact password is entered.
  • If you have any emergency just need to use the advanced SOS feature wherein your near and dear ones will come to know about your direction and can be there for your help
  • In case someone tries to reboot your phone by inserting a USB cable then it will activate a warning and send the intruder’s information to the registered email.
  • An Antivirus is also enabled in anti theft apk pro which will give you the protection of securing your phone from corrupted, empty, and junk files your phone.


  • After installing this app you will notice security systems are prone to false alarms that involve the alarm ringing when anyone from your family enters the restricted area. The alarm is accelerated by itself without any reaction.
  • No doubt this is a useful app but It may be expensive.
  • Wireless systems are comparatively easier to disconnect. Some thieves can steal the device by using a hack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about the battery drainage after installing this app?

The best part of this app is that it does not drain out the smartphones’ batteries or make them slow by overloading them. They can run in the background without affecting anything because artificial intelligence keeps tabs on your phone location in case someone tries to approach it.

Q: Is this just a security app?

anti theft security mod apk not only offers system security but can also protect against identity theft or network threats that could hamper operations or violate the privacy of individuals accessing data stored on a device’s storage device.

Q: How does anti theft app work? After stealing a smartphone, the thief will not keep the data. In offline mode, how can it be traced?

most anti-theft apps work when the phone is online but if the device is offline then that will send you an SMS as to the new sim number in the phone/tower location/calls made to and from this kind of information anyone can find the phone.


With the increased value of data, many companies are taking the necessary steps to properly secure their networks and prevent cybersecurity breaches. One solution is to employ anti theft apk on a device. This app includes an anti-theft app, mobile device management software, and enterprise mobility management service providers.

What's new

-> The only Anti-theft alarm app on the play store in which the alarm can’t be stopped by closing the app.
-> Fixed bugs reported by users
-> User interface upgraded
-> Improved theft detection performance from pocket and hand bags


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